Types of creative writing

Write about anything: If you want to write about anything, go ahead! The only thing you should worry about is quality—not quantity. There’s no such thing as too much creativity because a good idea can come from anywhere. Writing for publication involves several steps, starting with choosing a topic or subject. Once you decide upon something you’re interested in, you’ll […]

Importance of creativity in education

Creativity is essential to gaining knowledge from educational institutions. Without creativity, the student cannot achieve his goals. Creativity can be defined as the capacity of an individual to come up with new ideas, solutions and innovations. Let’s see the importance of creativity in education below. Creativity helps individuals solve problems It gives them creative ways to answer a problem that […]

Impacts of creativity on technology

Creativity is defined as the ability to produce something new or original. An artist is someone who produces art or other creative work. In contrast, a designer creates things that solve problems or improve the functionality of existing objects or systems. Unlike these professions, engineers often create solutions to technical problems. Their creations range from the most advanced electronics to […]

Examples of creativity

Creativity is the ability to solve a problem or produce something new. Creative thinking can take many forms, from writing a novel to designing a car. Creativity is important in our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. In this video, we’ll show you some great examples of creativity in action: from art to science, medicine to math, and […]

Books that teach creativity

Creativity is a complex skill — it requires both intellectual reasoning and emotional insight. The challenge lies in finding practical applications to explore some of the psychological concepts behind creativity. These books cover topics such as self-awareness, humour, memory, emotions, imagination, and even religion. Let’s see below the interesting books that teach creativity. How To Be Creative by Simon Zappa […]

Best styles of creative writing

Writing is an essential skill that everyone should possess. Whether you want to write short stories or long essays, learning how to compose words effectively has never been easier. Creative writing teaches you how to structure ideas into coherent sentences, paragraphs, and even chapters. Let’s see below some of the best styles of creative writing. Expository Essay  The expository essay […]